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Home cooks can now sell food and make money!

"Food from anyone, to everyone"

YES! California legislation approved food act AB-626. Follow your passion and sell your home cooked food to anyone - Legally from home!
Its time to get your kitchen ready...

What to do next?

Get your menu ready and share it for early exposure!

As we know, building a reputation can sometimes take time. Therefore, we highly recommend you get your Appetivo kitchen up and running with preliminary menu items and familiarize yourself with our site and app..  All you need to do is share your "Kitchen Coming Soon" with your family, friends and neighbors over the next 3 months and get the word out.

Your California county is already allowing you to join and get ready. If all goes well, you will be able to start transactions as early as end of June/July 2019 pending final approval for local cities per recent AB-377 amendment.

Until then, sign up free to Appetivo, reserve your unique name today and get your menu ready with mouth watering photos and appetizing food descriptions.

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Advantages of joining early

Take advantage. Leverage our staff to get started.

Now that food act AB626 was approved by the senate and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, we have been getting a lot of questions from home cooks who would like to start selling asap, but are unsure about what to do next. Step 1 is to simply sign up and familiarize yourself with Appetivo. Check out the app features and get used to the menu system and dashboard for managing your home kitchen.

One thing we know for sure: Starting mid 2019 you'll be able to sell your food from your home.
The exact food list is still TBD by the state and we will keep you in the loop throughout the process. For now just list anything you would like to sell. Register your unique kitchen URL before it's too late.

Don't get caught up in what you can't do... focus on WHAT YOU CAN DO!

Make Money Direct

Appetivo is 100% free to home cooks. We never charge you for your kitchen creations. Our web app connects you to local customers  - You make the food and  we bring the customers .

Very easy to use

Make the food you love and we will help you promote to customers near you. Your Appetivo "kitchen" is easy to set up on your smart phone or desktop. Just add to your home screen: 

Cook with Passion 

Do what already you love to do! Cook from your home kitchen. Customers near you find you via GEO location. Share your passion and get paid - What could be better?

Do it yourself? As easy as 1, 2, 3


1: Kitchen Activation

Completely free. No cost to home cooks. Create your own kitchen at

Sign up via email or Facebook connect. Quickly upload your best food pictures of your best dishes via desktop or mobile to get your kitchen going.

Initial kitchen setup takes about 15-20 minutes if you want to do it yourself, OR you can contact our Kitchen Support and we'll do it for you at no cost.


2: Cook and Share

Share your food and menu on social media.

Use our built-in Facebook sharing functionality to share your menu and food items instantly to all your friends on Facebook. Pretty soon everyone near you will be able to see your amazing food on social media and buy in just a few simple clicks.


3: Earn Income

Real-time electronic CC payments. Earn money same day.

Use Appetivo's order management to organize your menu and availability.  Each time an order is placed, money is transfered to your bank account via Stripe. SMS and email notifications are sent to keep you in the loop of all order activity.

Learn more about Stripe secure transactions and create your free account on Stripe account today.

Upcoming Events and Meetings

News related to AB626 rollout in California 

January 2019

January 1:
Applications being taken from Home Kitchens and Web Intermediaries

January 24:
Board of Supervisors meeting

March 2019

March 1:
Permitting and inspections begin for opt in Cities within the County

March 11:
AB-377 Ammendment filed for modifications:
- The conditions for a city, county, or city and county to permit microenterprise home kitchen operations within its jurisdiction.
- the inspections and food safety standards applicable to microenterprise home kitchen operations.
- prohibit an internet food service intermediary or a microenterprise home kitchen operation from using the word “catering” or any variation of that word.
- require a microenterprise home kitchen operation to include specific information, including its permit number, in its advertising.
- prohibit a third-party delivery service from delivering food produced by a microenterprise home kitchen operation. 

May 2019

May 20:
AB-377 Ammendment filed in State by Eduardo Garcia. Microenterprise home kitchen operations.

May 25:
Ammended in Senate. Current waiting for final launch date for applications to start. TBD

Frequently asked questions

Appetivo is a fresh new way to enjoy and share incredible food experiences! If you are a home chef or someone with a passion for cooking you can join Appetivo 100% free to start your kitchen from home and make money that same day. Or if you are a foodie and just someone who wants to discover new tastes, you can browse Appetivo by GEO location or cuisine and find incredible meals from home cooks in you area by just clicking the "Near Me" button on the home page.

Whatever the case, thanks CA law AB 626 Appetivo allows anyone in California to now order same day home cooked, fresh healthy food, from anyone to anyone near you. It's that easy.

As per Legislative Website, please see below or click here for detailed info

The California Retail Food Code (code) authorizes the governing body of a city, county, or city and county, by ordinance or resolution, to permit microenterprise home kitchen operations if certain conditions are met. The code requires microenterprise home kitchen operations, as a restricted food service facility, to meet specified food safety standards. A violation of the code is generally a misdemeanor.

This bill would modify the conditions for a city, county, or city and county to permit microenterprise home kitchen operations within its jurisdiction. The bill would modify the inspections and food safety standards applicable to microenterprise home kitchen operations.

The bill would prohibit an internet food service intermediary or a microenterprise home kitchen operation from using the word “catering” or any variation of that word in a listing or advertisement of a microenterprise home kitchen operation’s offer of food for sale.

The bill would require a microenterprise home kitchen operation to include specific information, including its permit number, in its advertising. The bill would prohibit a third-party delivery service from delivering food produced by a microenterprise home kitchen operation.

By expanding the scope of a crime for a violation of the code, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

(2) The California Constitution requires the state to reimburse local agencies and school districts for certain costs mandated by the state. Statutory provisions establish procedures for making that reimbursement.
This bill would provide that no reimbursement is required by this act for a specified reason.

(3) This bill would declare that it is to take effect immediately as an urgency statute.

The information below was taken directly from the legislature website that explains the law in a lot more detail: Click here to read the entire bill.

Existing law, the California Retail Food Code, establishes uniform health and sanitation standards for retail food facilities for regulation by the State Department of Public Health and requires local enforcement agencies to enforce these provisions. Existing law defines “food facility” as an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends, or otherwise provides food for human consumption at the retail level, as specified.

Existing law exempts (frees a person or organization) from an obligation or liability imposed on others), among others, a private home, including a registered or permitted cottage food operation, from the definition of food facility. A violation of the California Retail Food Code is generally a misdemeanor.

This bill, among other things, include a micro enterprise home kitchen operation within the definition of a food facility, and would define a micro enterprise home kitchen operation to mean a food facility that is operated by a resident in a private home where food is prepared for a consumer and that meets specified requirements, including, among others, that the operation has no more than one full-time equivalent food employee and has no more than $50,000 in verifiable gross annual sales.

Not at all! We are all qualified home chefs to a certain degree. We are all able to cook at least 1 or 2 incredible meals like no one else. Think about how many times you have been to a house party or dinner event where you have had some of the most amazing food not available in restaurants. Or you brought your favorite dish and everyone was asking for the recipe.

Perhaps you are someone who has an incredible passion for food with a list of meals you can offer, or perhaps you are sitting on that one insanely good burger recipe even McDonald's would pay for. Appetivo is your chance to show off your kitchen skills and make money from home regardless of how many meals you can provide.

What makes Appetivo so easy is that you can start with just one meal and slowly increase your menu over time if you want. For restaurants, we like to recommend you start with the five best selling items on your menu. Perhaps your chef wants to try something special for one day only. Just upload it to Appetivo, write a short description and allow people to enjoy food they can't order from your existing menu. 

Appetivo is completely free. And by that we mean 100% free with no hidden costs. We will never up-charge you later down the line. Our mission with Appetivo has always been to make it super affordable and profitable for home chefs and cooks behind the food. 

You have complete control over the pricing of your menu items. You will earn the exact amount requested (minus any bank fees depending which service you use).  Appetivo will charge a 10-15% convenience fee to buyers only. Once an order is placed the money is instantly sent to your account via Stripe, (starting January 2019). 

All charges are split between Appetivo and the cook at the time of transaction. For example if you are selling your incredible home stew at $10 per serving. Appetivo will charge the customer $10 + 15% ($1.50) = $11.50 during checkout. You make your $10 and we pocket the $1.50. Super simple.  

Every time a customer places an order you will receive an SMS notification plus email to make sure you don't miss anything. You also have the option of updating your Appetivo phone number anytime if you need to leave someone else in charge, while you are away.

All your food orders are controlled within the Appetivo dashboard. Every time a new order comes in the customer will receive an email notification to let them know you are working on their order. It also allows you with the flexibility to let your customers know how long they will wait for their food to be ready.

And if you ever feel like taking a break or are being overrun by orders, simply change your kitchen visibility in the dashboard to make sure new customers are not able to place orders until you are ready again. Or perhaps you run out of cheese to make that incredible Burger everybody has been yearning for, no problem just visit your visibility page and disable the menu items you are not able to sell for now. It's that easy.

We get this question a lot for obvious reasons. First of all, it's your responsibility to make sure that you prepare the best quality food for your customers. Appetivo is a food transaction platform that allows you to sell YOUR food online. We are not responsible for effective communication to YOUR customers, or on-time preparation. Our web-app provides all the tools necessary for you to provide good service and manage your relationships.

To ensure the best possible food experience we recommend you stay in touch with your customers via email or phone . Make sure you don't miss orders or make them wait longer than expected. Keep an eye on your incoming text messages and emails from hungry customers who just paid you.

Finally, the review system on Appetivo carries a lot of weight in terms of how your customers will buy from you. Make sure you follow up and ask them to leave you good reviews which will increase your chances for more sales in the future. If you always provide excellent service your reviews will enable you to sell more and more food as your kitchen gains popularity on Appetivo, but if you provide poor service the opposite could happen.

We also reserve the right to take down kitchens that receive too many complaints from customers. You are your own boss and this is a place of business, so treat your customers the way you would like them to treat you, and your business will flourish on Appetivo.

It's very important to manage your cooking time required. If things go well you may receive more than you can handle so make sure you manage your kitchen visibility accordingly. Do not accept orders you're not able to prepare on time.

Good customer service is more important than selling a few extra meals you might not have the bandwidth for some days. Taking this approach will solidify your status as a top seller on Appetivo.

By default, Appetivo offers built-in Facebook sharing functionality. Every time you add a new food item to your menu you will be able to share it on your Facebook wall. So the more items you have on your menu the higher your Appetivo visibility becomes over time.  

In addition, you can include hashtags in front of certain keywords which will increase your visibility in Facebook search. e.g When sharing: "This is the best organic beef burger you ever had. Home-baked bread and butter lettuce, wraps this 500g kobe beef patty into an explosion of flavors thats hard to describe" - Use the # symbol to add keywords such as, #burger, #home-baked, #flavors, #kobebeef , #freshbread and so on. Limit to 5 hashtags per share.

Finally, you should ask your customers and friends to like and re-share your food on their own Facebook and other social media pages. We made it very easy for buyers to also share to Facebook which will greatly increase your visibility. You don't even need an account, just browse and share.

Once your food is shared, anyone on Facebook can click through to your menu items and order in just a few clicks. And of course, the better the picture quality of your food the higher your chances become of getting more clicks to your food on Appetivo.

Make it look good! No logos. Just food. And if you need any help just click the support link on the main app, top of home page. Have fun sharing your food on Social Media.

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